Sleep Calculator

Sleep Calculator

Find The Best Bedtime To Sleep and Wake Up

Our Sleep Calculator is a Perfect Too To Find Correct Bed Time for a Good Night's Sleep

You should try to fall asleep at one of the following times:

Please keep in mind that you should be falling asleep at these times. The average human takes fourteen minutes to fall asleep, so plan accordingly!

If you head to bed right now, you should try to wake up at one of the following times:

Please keep in mind that you should be falling asleep at these times. The average human takes fourteen minutes to fall asleep, so plan accordingly!

I want to wake up at...

A good night’s sleep consists of 5 to 6 sleep cycles that are in 90 minutes. Waking up during deep sleep will make you feel groggy.

If you have trouble falling asleep, try getting some sunlight. Sunlight helps the body’s internal biological clock reset itself each day. Sleep experts recommend exposure to an hour of morning sunlight for people having problems falling asleep.

Sleep Calculator: How to Wake Up Energized and Happy Every Morning

We have all been told, at least once in our lives, that getting 7 or more hours of sleep is what we need for a healthy body and a day full of energy. However, despite getting the recommended amount of sleep, there were many days when we just couldn’t leave bed. Then when we finally get up, we are only half awake until the caffeine kicks in.

This experience we go through every day leads us to an crucial fact we must keep in mind: the quality of sleep does not only depend on the length of hours we spend in bed, but at what time we hit the sack as well.

The timing of your sleep directly and drastically impacts how you wake up the next day. Yet defining which hour is best to go to bed or wake up at can be challenging, especially if the stages of the sleep cycle are not taken into account.

Sleep Calculator allows you to get this mission completed effortlessly. By simply entering at what time you would like to wake up in the morning, our Sleep Cycle Calculator will provide you with a list of the different times you can go to bed in order to wake up fully energized and ready to tackle that to-do list!

Sleep Calculator: Your Shortcut to Active Mornings

To wake up refreshed, you need to sleep an ideal amount of sleep cycles and turn off your alarm at the right stage of sleep. Sleep Cycle Calculator does the math for you, and lets you know the perfect times to set your alarm on in order to wake up energized.

Sleep Cycle Calculator: The Five Stages of Sleep Cycle

For a better understanding of how our Sleep Cycle Calculator really works, let’s start by giving you an overview of what the different stages of sleep cycles consist of.

Scientists agreed that sleep stages are categorized into two: NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep, and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

NREM sleep englobes four stages of sleep out of five:

  • Stage 1: This is when sleep is at its lightest as we slowly start drifting out of consciousness.
  • Stage 2: Going to a deep stage of sleep, our breathing, heart rate and blood pressure slow down.
  • Stage 3: Deeper than the second stage, the blood pressure and heart rate drop lower. We are much less likely to be awakened at this phase.
  • Stage 4: The ‘do not disturb’ stage and the deepest one in all five stages. Your breathing is slower than before, as well as your blood pressure and heart rate.

As for REM sleep, also known as stage 5, is characterized by light sleep. It is during this phase that dreaming happens, and your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing start regaining their rhythm as if you were awake.

While sleep stages follow a specific order, they are not really cyclical. We don’t go from stage 1 to stage 5 then back to stage 1. Instead, we go from being awake until stage 4, then back to 3, 2, 1 to finally reaching the REM sleep phase.

This is why Sleep Cycle Calculator focuses on the stage of sleep you would be at rather than the number of hours you sleep. Whether you complete the cycle 4 times or more, the secret behind waking up energized is to not get up in the middle of a sleep cycle.

While the longevity of your sleep is important, focusing solely on the it puts you on high risks of waking up groggy the next morning. To truly experience the difference waking up at the right sleep cycle can make, try Sleep Calculator tonight. You will be amazed your energy levels in the morning!